Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Value Engineering Studies consists of evaluating cost in relation to function and site constraints. It enables clients to determine thier own preferred level of risk reduction, cost savings, and improvement of function, while maintaining strict adherence to budgetary allocations and project guidelines.

A constructability review optimizes a construction project’s documents by ensuring coordination between disciplines and conformity to specifications and drawings. It also provides cross-referencing to prevent misunderstandings that can lead to change orders (CO) and unnecessary requests for information (RFI).

value engineering projects

Aurora Corridor

SCE provided value engineering services for the City of Shoreline on their 30 percent PS&E documents. The project consists of the City’s mid 1 mile section of road between the completed Phase 1 Improvements and the future Phase 2 Improvements to the north. Our recommendations resulted in a savings of approximately $750,000. The project did not have water quality or flow control requirements, however the City chose to provide at minimum water quality provisions with their preliminary design. The existing storm water basins downstream have a history of flooding problems. SCE proposed an alternative system that managed both water quality and flow control at lower cost. The proposal consisted of replacing their 100 proprietary water quality vaults with rain garden-media filled catch basins connected to a individual chimney drains to infiltrate the stormwater runoff to the unsaturated gravelly-sands below the lodgment till cap. Additionally SCE made suggestions to alleviate the cross slope transitions to mitigate the grade differentials to the adjacent properties beyond the public right of way and reduce walls and earthworks.

Auburn High School

SCE provided a constructability review for OAC, evaluating its plans for the modernization and renovation of Auburn High School. SCE’s involvement in the project included the Phase 2 civil/site development plan, civil/site development details, landscaping and field plans, and division 31-33 specification review services.