Residential Projects


SCE has provided civil engineering services for a number of multi-family and multi-use facilities. We understand the unique needs and challenges inherent with residential projects which often include multiple points of entry and significant utility routing and metering. These projects typically require master planning, phasing and thorough analysis of existing conditions. Our experience and in-house resources allows us to efficiently develop site plans that meet both owner and agency requirements within common budgetary constraints.

residential projects

Cambridge Park Villa LLC – King Co. WA

This project is a 9 acre, 205 unit residential-development in Seattle‘s Skyway neighborhood. Project includes; 11 buildings, below grade parking, club house, and pool. SCE initially prepared a VE analysis for the storm water detention system prior to approval of the grading and drainage plan. We identified over $200,000 in savings by eliminating the surface area of the existing wetlands from the detention calculations. Later we were contracted to VE the previously approved sanitary sewer plans. The system was financially infeasible and not realistically constructible. Through close coordination with the Skyway Water and Sewer District SCE redesigned the sewer system and secured a permit. The new design re-routed the District‘s main offsite and reduced the depth of the system by an average of 10 feet resulting in a savings of $300,000. A third analysis and redesign was performed as SCE evaluated the domestic water metering required per the original permit. A more efficient metering system was re-permitted representing a savings of over $200,000 in metering fees alone. SCE continues to provide construction assistance to the owner of this project for permitting through King County and other Engineering needs as they arise.


SCE is working for the Seattle Housing Authority as the civil engineer for the addition and reconstruction of the Leschi House located on S Weller St. in Seattle. It is an estimated $8M reconstruction project that includes demolition of existing parking and structures to make way for a new five story 34,000 sf building that will house 34 apartment units. This project also includes the re-landscaping of the open spaces and right of way frontage “green street” improvements as required by the rezoning for Z-1. SCE provided value engineering of a large structural solider pile wall that had been programmed as part of this reconstruction, and subsequently deleted from the project. SCE was instrumental in preparing a technical and defendable justification to avoid frontage improvements for the unimproved South Lane Street right of way. This project began construction in the summer of 2013.

1105 E Fir St – Yesler Terrace Redevelopment Phase I – Seattle, WA

SCE has completed the design for the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace Phase I – 1105 E Fir St. This is a 109 unit multi-housing re-development comprising of one mid- rise building and 3 triplexes. The Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) vision for the Yesler Terrace Community is to build a highly visionary mixed-income urban community for the 21st Century. The overall project encompasses such goals as reintegrating Yesler Terrace with the surrounding community and downtown, as well as developing Yesler Terrace as a model for a sustainable, green and healthy community. Maintaining Yesler Terrace as an affordable community, creating a livable, safe and vibrant community as well as supporting diversity are also large goals of the Project. SCE brings its expansive knowledge and experience of LEED certification, and sustainable site development to assist the team in achieving these goals that were not only applied to the site improvements but also to the street frontages: Boren Ave, E Fir St. and Yesler Way.